Cold Water Extraction

The Cold Water Extraction process, also called CWE for short, is a widely used health improving practice that can be applied to any medication (mostly painkillers) that contains opioids, like codeine, mixed with a light pain reliever like paracetamol or aspirin (which heavily damage your body in higher quantities), with the goal of extracting the opiate and discarding all the other harmful substances.

Cold Water Extraction is Used Medically and Recreationally

Cold water extraction is used by both medical and recreational users, the first being people that want to protect themselves from these very taxing substances (especially for your liver) or that while having liver problems still have to safely take the medication and the latter being people who want to enjoy the effects and sensations that opiates provide in a much safer way, purely for personal enjoyment.

Cold Water Works Wonders

Cold water is the reason behind the process working incredibly well because:

  • Opioid substances are highly soluble in water
  • Paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin (the unwanted substances) are nearly insoluble in water, especially when cold

As such, by crushing the tablets into a fine powder, mixing them in water and then cooling the solution, you can easily separate the unwanted substances which stay solid and sink to the bottom while the opiates stay dissolved in the water. Then, by using any sort of screen, like a coffee filter, you can pour the water solution into it, quickly discard the solid residue and drink the final water solution which contains only the opiate and a few other harmless substances.

Cold Water Extraction Is Legal

Performing a cold water extraction is absolutely legal.

The tablets you choose to apply a cold water extraction on always contain an opioid substance that, depending on where you live, may have a different schedule than the unchanged tablets themselves. For example, tylenol 3 is rated schedule 3 or 5 but the opioid that it contains, codeine, is a schedule 2 drug.
This schedule difference only applies if you have a pure opioid substance, which doesn’t happen with cold water extraction (although it can come close, depending on how well you perform and filter it). Furthermore, the end solution of a cold water extraction is the opioid mixed in water, not in tablets or powder form.
There is absolutely no reason to worry about the legality of CWE, it being a process even taught in college level chemistry classes as a standard technique in quantitative chemistry (it is part of the educational curriculum).

Our Opinion on CWE

As long time users and consequently experts on cold water extraction, we think it’s an extremely healthy practice that everyone should start doing – no matter the reason (medical, recreation, prevention). It can prove extremely hard or even impossible to get prescribed an opioid, like Codeine, without any added substances especially outside of the United States. Most patients get prescribed painkillers that contain the toxic substances mentioned before and while we understand that pharmaceutical companies do this to either lower the drug’s schedule or to prevent people from abusing the medication, it doesn’t make it any less vile to put people in harm’s way for that reason alone. Many of the cases of hospitalization (and death) related to this type of prescription drugs are from people who, without knowing the dangers of paracetamol, take a higher dose than the recommended and overdose on it – leading to heavy liver damage.
All we want is to prevent this issue, which is possible by performing a simple cold water extraction before taking medication that falls in this category. The simplicity, speed and effectiveness of CWE makes it the very best solution to this problem, all that’s needed is for people to get introduced to it (as most painkiller users don’t know about the method)

Rated and Reviewed by Professionals







Cold water extraction greatly reduces the harm done to your body by common painkillers while still letting you benefit from their desirable effects, without any loss of potency.


The cold water extraction process is quick and easy to perform, especially if you follow our recommended method.


Applying a cold water extraction greatly reduces the amount of harmful substances present in tablets that contain opiates, nearly eliminating them if done right and filtered attentively.

  • Substantially improves your quality of life
  • Prevents medical issues related to paracetamol/ibuprofen/aspirin from appearing
  • Lets users who already have said issues to keep taking their medicine without taxing the affected organs
  • Highly reduces (nearly eliminates) toxicity and overdose risk of paracetamol (also called APAP or acetaminophen), which is linked to about 500 deaths and 50,000 hospitalizations each year

It's incredible, truly. Never before have I been able to take painkillers without feeling sick or ill due to the paracetamol side effects. For someone that suffers from severe pain often, it's life changing.

Clara AndersonMedical CWE User

As an opiate user I've always worried about the harm that paracetamol could do to me, that changed when I found you guys. You made me able to relax while knowing I'm safe. That's what CWE is to me, safety.

Leonard BridgesRecreational CWE User


Now that you know the very basics of what a cold water extraction is, make sure to read our in-depth articles about the process and the substances you can extract with it.

You can also kickstart your learning with our brand new cold water extraction infographic.
It summarizes the essential introductory keys from the more in-depth articles below.

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The 3 Main Substances


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