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While before we only answered your questions via private email, we will publish and answer them publicly as well to ensure that our answers help as much people as possible.

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  • Miss Betsy says:

    Let me be the first to say thank you! I’m so excited about this, can’t believe my question about the cold water extract is up there already! Keep up the marvelous work CWEx team, it’s just incredible.

    • CWEx Team says:

      Hello Miss Betsy! It was a very interesting and pertinent question, a pleasure to answer. We’ll keep doing our best, don’t worry!

  • Aaron Woodsy says:

    It’s very impressive how you guys strive to be genuinely as helpful as possible. I’ll be sure to send my own questions soon, thank you!

  • Milo says:

    I’ve got a few questions, I’ll contact you guys soon! Exciting

  • RachelintheSKY says:

    Thank you for being so helpful! Much love

  • Maria Martins says:

    Came here to say to everyone reading, they answered my question (does cwe get you higher) in less than 1 day! I have no words they are just insanely good. A bright light in our community!

  • Guy Widdit says:

    I’m about to send some questions my boys, thanks for this opportunity by the way – great of you to listen to the community!

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