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This section of our website is dedicated to every subject and topic that is related to cold water extraction but not similar or relevant enough to be included in the main CWE focused section. For example, we’ll talk about other methods that are similar to cwe but used for different substances.

Our primary objective for doing this is to avoid creating confusion to the readers in the other very focused sections of the website.

We’ll update this page often since new topics are always coming up.
For clarification, we do not answer your questions here, that’s reserved for the Q&A section where we write quick and effective answers for all the questions you send us.

Topics Covered So Far

This is an in-depth article about DXM, a stimulant, and the method you use to extract it from medication Рa reverse cold water extraction.

In this write up we talk about the famous ice water extraction, although the name is very similar to CWE, it’s a completely different method and so is the objective and substance extracted (THC).

That’s it for now but make sure to visit regularly for more interesting and useful articles!

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  • Milo says:

    This is a very smart and interesting idea. Not only will it clear confusions about the names but it allows you guys to expand on what revolves around cwe. Nice work!

  • Foxden says:

    Just great, I always wondered if ice water extraction was just cwe but colder? or with ice cubes or something lol, thank you for clearing this up, I’ll read the article right now

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